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Dental 4 You Clinic - Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants
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Tooth Whitening

Beyond Dental & Health

We have two new cold-light tooth-whitening machines. You could come together with your partner or friend and leave our clinic at the same time with beautiful white teeth.

Normal fee for tooth-whitening per person is 8,000 baht. Dental 4 you clinic offer you a special discount for 2 for 15,000 bahts.


Dental Implant

Single Implant

Only 36,000 THB
Crown depends on material choosing,
Start from 10,000 THB

For standard case in general

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Nobell Biocare Osstem

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Office Hours: Daily 9.00am-8.00pm

Dental 4 You Clinic

Dental 4 You Clinic is one of the most modern Chiangmai dental clinics to date. Our modern clinic is fully equipped with the highest standard of dental technology in Thailand. Services provided by our friendly and service mind professional dental specialists. Dental 4 you Dental Clinic offers patient oriented treatment in Chiangmai, one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand.

We also protect you with strict sterilization system to ensure the safest possible treatment at Dental 4 you Dental Clinic Chiangmai, Thailand. As Chiangmai Dental Cosmetic Center, our cosmetic dentists will renovate and/or enhance your smile for a beautiful smile that you deserve.

Chiangmai Dental Cosmetic Centre

Our cosmetic dentists will renovate and/or enhance your smile for a beautiful smile that you deserve. Cosmetic dentistry include Dental veneers, Porcelain Veneers, White Restorations, Dental inlays, Dental onlays, Dental crowns, Dental Bridge, All Porcelain Crowns, Tooth Whitening

Standards sterilization

Dental 4 You Clinic has high standards of sterilization. We use the latest sterilization machines and equipments. Dental 4 You Clinic, Chiang Mai ensures that all instruments are individually vacuumed packed and autoclaved for complete sterilization.

Hotel and Tour in Chiangmai

Chiang Mai, a 700 year-old ancient capital of Lanna Kingdom, is Thailand’s second largest city. It is a city with beautiful culture and tradition of its own. Chiangmai also has been blessed with majestic beauty of nature. A wide variety of entertainment, restaurants, and all types of accommodations make Chiang Mai one of Thailand's prime tourist attractions. For hotel booking, see

Tooth Whitening

Beyond Whitening system is the best choice for quickly and effectively brightening healthy smiles. The patented "cold light" technology and our specially developed whitening formula are a key to our fast and effective tooth whitening procedure. Tooth whitening leaves teeth whiter, glossier and shinier. Our advanced technology can wipe away stain from years of smoking, coffee drinking or natural aging of your teeth.

Chiangmai Dental Implants Center

If you are looking for a dental clinic which can offer Dental Implants with specialised implant dentists and latest Dental Implants Technology, think of Dental 4 you Dental Clinic Chiangmai, Thailand. At Dental 4 you Dental Clinic, you can have replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Teeth that are comfortable and stay in place allowing you to speak, smile and eat with confidence. This replacement can be inserted without affecting any of your remaining teeth.

Dentists and Dental Specialist

Our team of dentists and dental specialist are graduate from highly acclaimed and accredited universities both in Thailand and the United States. They have extensive and advanced training in their specialized fields. All are licensed to practice dentistry in Thailand.

Cosmetic Dentist

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