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  • We take care of your dental health & personal outlook.
  • We offer you a wide range of high-quality and affordable services.
  • Service provided by well - trained professional and caring dentists.
  • The clicic is equipped with clean and modern equipments.
  • For the health and safety of patients and our staffs, we guarantee strict sterilization.
  • Dental treatment operated in a friendly & relaxing atmosphere.

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Tracey McAnulty, British

My mother recommended the Dental 4 U practice to me so I came to have work done. I am so impressed with the work they have done for me. Doctor Warut has given me the kind of smile I always dreamed of but could never afford in England . He and his staff are so friendly and polite but also totally professional.

My husband, son and mother in-law have now had their teeth sorted here and all are more than happy with the outcome. The whitening process is excellent; all work has been painless and Just So Good. I feel so much happier within myself and much more confident due to my teeth. When I returned to England after my first treatment here the dentist in England said the work done here is of the highest quality ever get on the National Health, as good as anywhere in the world.

The best investment uses have ever made film star teeth for very little money. If you have work done here you will be so pleased with the end result.

Charlenne Carroll, 22, female, Canadian:

Thank you for the great, friendly and fast service. I wish you the best of luck in the future and I will recommend you any day.

Jeffrey Meehan, 46, male, American:

The staff and doctors are excellent and friendly. The dental work I've had is very professional and high quality. Thank you.

Sandra Gunn, 61, female, Australian:

All work very professional and no pain. A pleasure to come to your clinic.

John Jenks, 41, male, English:

Clean, confident – excellent job done here. I had a crown and six fillings. As good if not better than in England .

Tanua Field, 28, female, British:

The best dental experience, so professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you.

Anne Lloyd, 44, female, Australian:

Very much enjoyed music and surroundings. Excellent English communication skills. Very surprised and happy to have no wait to see dentist of such good standard.

Stephanie from France (25 December 2006):

Before to come here, I had no idea where to find a good dentist and now I think I choose the BEST ONE in Chiang Mai! The doctor Warut made very good work on my teeth. I was very afraid about dentists, and for this reason my teeth need a lot of work! I came here almost every day during 3 weeks and I enjoy it a lot! I will never can find the same in Europe where the dental clinics are stressful for me! Here there is a very good atmosphere, very nice relaxing music, the girls who working here are very friendly and the doctor is very professional. You will leave this place with a NEW SMILE! THANKS VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHINGS! DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING, CONTINUE WITH THIS WAY…

Domenico Ballo , Italy (12 January 2007):

Thank you to Dr.Warut for everything. Professionality, courtersy, kindness and honesty will be the most important things to have success. Many many wishes.

Massimiliana Sorso , Italy

Ho conosciuto il Dr Warnt nel Febbraio del 2005. Dopo due otturazioni e la pulizia completa ho deciso, visto e constatato l'alta professionalità, di ritornare nel Marzo del 2006 per un ponte. Quando sono tornata in Italia ero proprio soddisfatta e anche mio marito, che all'inizio era un po' indeciso, era contento. Quest'anno ho preso appuntamento via e-mail ed eccomi qui ancora a curare i miei denti. Il dr. Warnt ha fatto un'ottimo lavoro ed io, che ho sempre avuto tanta paura, ho trovato qui una bella atmosfera e, soprattutto, tanta professionalità. Grazie mille anche allo staff. Auguri per il futuro.

Pollini Massimo , Italy (16 February 2007)

Sono venuto quà dal dott. Warnt per riattaccare un ponte. Anche per poca cosa ho comunque colto molta professionalità anche nello staff. Prendo seriamente in considerazione di fare quà i futuri interventi!

Thanks very much.

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