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Dental Units

We select the dental unit that aims to give patients maximum comfort while providing 360 degrees protection. Our dental unit uses materials ideal for dental unit cleaning and hygiene protocols which has features systems to prevent the emergence of contamination problems. The modern system equipped in the dental unit include list below.


The types of peaceful series provide the ideal treatment environment. We considered the overall impression, warmth, cleanliness etc., on the patient. We considered how the unit fits into its space and fulfills its functions. We considered how to create the ideal treatment environment.

... And peaceful type is our answer.

Peaceful series - to our original simple but efficient we add more new color selection with a matching tray unit. Peaceful never stops evolving for the future.

  • We also create a communication model that has LCD monitor on the tray assembly. This make more tray assemblies to choose form.
  • We believe that if dentists just tell us what thier ideal treatment environment is, we can satisfy them with one of our Peaceful types model.

U.V. water System

This is a high potential ultra-violet system to ensure that clean water will be used in the patient's oral cavity. An ultra-violet lamp is positioned at the system water in feed to elimination 99.99% of the microbial content originating in the system.

Water spray No-Retraction system

This is a system that prevents spray backs. Re-aspiration of fluids in the system out feed is a source of contamination. Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi can then travel inside the dental unit water pipes and contaminate the entire machine. To avoid re-aspiration after use, the dental unit has a device that blocks re-aspiration, and emits an air jet in the opposite direction to eliminate the last drop when work session is finished.

On the area on hygiene, the unit's light head handles are detachable and autoclavable. The unit design for easy access in daily maintenance and cleaning.

X-ray Machines and Film Processor

As dentistry has advanced beyond basic care into new areas such as implantology, cosmetics, and other treatments of the entire dento-maxillo-facial complex, so the diagnostic tools keep pace with the need for a higher quality of general and specific information. DENTAL 4 U is fully equipped with our own X-ray machines and in-house film processor. This enables our patients to get their diagnosis results instantly and treatment plan drawn up effectively in one visit.

Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray Machine

Vatech PX150c panoramic dental x-ray

The latest panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray from Vatech provides its superior image quality, ease of operation and wide range of exposure possibilities. Vatech provides anatomically correct panoramic radiographs. The focal layer follows the scientifically assessed form of the human jaw which results in images with clearly superior clinical quality.

With vertical segmenting, the exposed area can be limited only to the area of diagnostic interest. Simple selection on the main display and the patient dose can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a full area panoramic exposure. This is highly advantageous and radiation hygienic in cases where a follow-up image is needed of a limited part of the jaw.

In Vatech the mirror face off positioning concept minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, one of the most frequent reasons for failed radiographs. A triple laser beam system accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

Large entry space allows easy access to the X-ray unit for all types of patients. The exposure can be performed with a standing patient or a seated patient on a wheelchair.
Vatech unit has unique Automatic adjustable X-ray dosage due to each patient is an individual, whose bone and tissue thickness varies according to his/her size, race and age. These optimizes dose will produce optimum image quality from each individual.

Intra-oral X-ray Machines

Blue-X Intraoral Os70 X-ray system

Our clinics has The new Blue-X Intraoral Os70 X-ray system from Italy is one of the most innovative system available today for radiological examinations. The Blue-X Intraoral Os70 X-ray system has programs that allows configuring the system to the actual diagnostic requirements. It is a professional tool designed to enables our dental specialists to make the proper diagnoses for our patients.

The beam limiting device of the BlueX intra-oral x-ray machine allows the reduction of a patient's exposure to radiation. Innovative high frequency DC generators optimizes radiation output resulting in low patient dose. Its microprocessor allows tooth type and patient size inputs to determine time values and control radiation dose reduction when using digital receptors.

The new Blue-X Intraoral Os70 X-ray system is known for providing safety and precision. Its selection of Radiography type, tooth type and position, film and patient's age allows for better radiographic quality and precise film exposition adjustment. Its automatic time correction device corrects automatically the exposure time, according to the voltage oscillations in the electrical power source, keeping the radiation levels steady.

The new Blue-X Intraoral Os70 X-ray system has a dual collimation system that eliminates the formation of secondary rays in the primary beam, avoiding any unnecessary exposure to the patient thus minimizing health risks. In addition, the camera's accidental activation blocking mechanism prevents consecutive shooting, eliminating unnecessary exposure to radiation and overheating.

Film Processor

X-ray Film Processor Our clinic uses the Film Processor to develop our x-ray films so that our patients get their results instantly. BIDC is equipped with our own darkroom for film processing. The Processor is a closed chemical system, sealing both wash water and chemistry. It processes intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric films. Temperature, time and film drying are fully automatic allowing for quality x-ray film processing.

Sterilization Equipments

DENTAL 4 U carries a variety of the most advance sterilization machines and equipments in protecting the safety of our patients:

Vacuumed Autoclave Unit

An autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and instruments. This means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are inactivated.
DENTAL 4 U uses the top range autoclave unit to processes instruments effectively. It has a self-managed micro-processed controller, ensures perfect functioning during autoclaving. The new pre-vacuumed technology ensures that the instruments are completely sterilized reliably and consistently. Thereafter, all our instruments are protectively vacuumed packaged until required.  

Specialized Autoclave Unit for Clinical Handpieces

The MELAquick12 unit from Melag, Germany is an autoclave unit designed specially for the sterilization of dental handpieces, contra-angles, and turbines.

The MELAquick12 operates with a single-use (non-reusable) water system. The system operates according to the advanced principle of external steam generation disinfecting dental instruments on the inside where it is most important.

Maintenance Units

Correct cleaning and lubrication are essential to the function and long working life of dental instruments. Our clinic uses the Assistina air-driven maintenance unit designed for straight and contra-angle dental handpieces, turbines, air motors and air-driven scalers.

The Assistina cleaning and flushing through the spray air channels prevents the build-up of scale and keeps the fine spray nozzles free. Its automatic oil dispensing system guarantees optimum lubrication that allows minimal friction and less wear to the instruments.

The Lubrina hancpiece maintenance unit of J. Morita Mfg. Corp. is a real time- and cost-saver, for any dental practice, servicing up to four handpieces in as little as 100 seconds. Purging and lubricating all types of handpieces, Lubrina is also extremely economical in spray deployment. What is more, Lubrina is the first lubrication unit with a built-in chuck maitnenance system (as of April 2005.)

  • Servicing 4 handpieces in 100 seconds - Requiring approx. 25 seconds per handpiece. Compared with manual lubrication, Lubrina requires only 1/3 of the lubricant.
  • Built-in chuck maintenance system - Lubrina is the first handpiece maintenance unit with a built-in chuck maitenance system (only for J. Morita's instruments.)
  • Purges and lubricates all types of handpieces - Whether contra-angle and straight hand-pieces, air turbines and air scalers, Lubrina offers you highly efficient and user-friendly handpiece maintenance - fully automatic.
  • Unique dual lubrication system - Featuring a one-of-a-kind dual lubrication system, Lubrina
    enables lubrication of two instruments with one spray -or, if so desired, the use of two
    diffenrent sprays. Lubrina requires no special spray.
  • Step air blow function - The air suction system eliminates lubricant mist, so there is less smell by oil.
  • Accommodates all attachments.

Suction Units

The suction system is one of the most important items in the dental practice that makes a vital contribution to practice hygiene and protection against infection.

Our clinic uses suction machines from Durr Dental from Germany. The Durr suction unit uses is a power motor designed for continuous suction operation in eliminating secretions and solids at the same time. The machine uses air flow and centrifugal force to separate liquids and solids without water for additional reliability and safety for patients.

Auto sealing machine and sterile storage

Sterile storage is an essential link in the hygiene chain. Between removal from the autoclave and their next use, sterilized instrument must be stored so as to be protected from contamination. The sterilization packages are specially designed for steam steriliation and are impervious to micro-organisms.

Our impulse auto sealer machine is used to seal instruments into the sterile storage packages before sterilizing them in an autoclave. The auto sealer device applies precise sealing pressure to produce optimal sealing seams. The packages are then autoclaved by our pre-vacuumed autoclave units in view packs for each patient and dated for reference.

Endodontic Equipments

Advances in technology have now enabled root canal treatment to be treated more accurately and precisely:

Root Apex Locator

The Root Apex locator aids our endodontist in defining the length of the teeth. At DENTAL 4 U, the ROOT ZX from J Morita Corporation is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) which provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions.

ROOT ZX's advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp. The microprocessor also calibrates ROOT ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. These features and more make ROOT ZX one of the most highly rated root canal length measuring devices on the market.  

Endodontic Micromotor

The Endo-Mate DT from NSK is a device used to drill and measures the rotation speed as well as torque levels during root canal treatments. An auto reverse function activates when the present torque level has been exceeded. Endo-Mate's torque control system combined with the Apex Locator allows dentists and dental specialists to perform safe and more accurate root canal preparation.

Fillings Equipment

Clinical Handpieces for Cavities Fillings

DENTAL 4 U uses clinical handpieces from NSK Nakanishi Inc., one of the leading companies in infection control air turbine handpieces used for fillings treatment and general dentistry. 

NSK Clinical Handpieces

NSK’s clinical handpieces are equipped with award-winning proven features for aseptic clean head and infection control designs:

Ball Bearing

Dental Handpiece, Ball Bearing Ceramic Ceramic ball bearing is 25% harder than stainless steel as a result it is highly resistant to damage from debris entering the turbine. Ceramic is also 50% lighter than stainless steel and therefore results in reduced friction with the bearing retainer. In combination, these factors are responsible for significantly extending bearing life.

Clean Head System

Dental Handpiece, Cleaning The Patented NSK Clean Head System is built into the turbine head section. It comprises a non-retraction mechanism designed to prevent entry of oral fluids and other foreign substances into the turbine head. This effect is a consequence of the pressure change as the turbine stops spinning. Clean Head System will increase durability of the ball bearings since contaminants never enter the turbine.

Triple Water Spray

Dental Handpiece, Water Spray NSK triple water spray delivers coolant water at the rate of 60 mL/min, virtually parallel to the bur. It ensures effective cooling of the bur and the tooth surface.



Dental Handpiece, Autoclavable, Sterilization All NSK handpieces offer superior durability against repeated autoclaving at 135 degrees.


Non-Retraction Valve

The Non-Retraction Valve mechanism is built into the coupling, plus into the air motor, to prevent retraction of oral contaminants into the water lines of handpieces. In combination with the Clean Head System, the Non-Retraction Valve provides an effective method to help prevent cross contamination

Scaling Equipment

Our clinic uses the EMS Piezon technology making procedure for the removal of calculus (tartar) more comfortable for the patient.

The miniPiezon is Swiss Quality designed adhering by the standards of high reliability. It has controlled vibration pattern and straight-line oscillation pattern allowing for high efficiency and low pain. The ultrasonic cavitation and acoustic streaming of the scaling instrument has been scientifcally proven to increase treatment efficiency. The ergonomic handpiece uses high-tech materials such as titanium and peek.

On the issue of hygiene, the miniPiezon adopts the CombiTorque concept thus ensuring optimum hygiene. The scaling instrument can be disassembled for sterilisation or autoclaving. CombiTorque consists of a precise torque wrench for screwing the instrument on the handpiece. It is an instrument holder when the instrument is stored and a sterilization tool for the scaling instrument when placed in the autoclave, providing protection to both the operator and patient before use of the instrument.

Dental Implants Technologies

A dental implant is a prosthetic device, made of titanium, which is implanted beneath the oral tissues and within the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable prosthesis. If properly care for, many years of successful use of the dental implant can be expected.
Dental implants provide advantages over other conventional restorative dental works:

  • Unlike conventional bridgework, dental implants can provide tooth replacement without the need to cut down adjacent teeth.
  • Dental implants also prevent the loss of bone in the area of the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth with an implant restores function to the bone and prevents the resorption of the bone.

Dental implants can also be used to anchor full or partial removable dentures. This provides much greater retention and security than traditional techniques. 

Advancement in Implant Technologies and Techniques

Dental implants have significantly improved in the past 20 years. The understandings of the site requirements and placement procedures that are necessary to ensure primary stability have advanced considerably. Implant designs and surface treatments have also evolved. This has lead to high success rates for dental implant treatments with patients reporting greater comfort level.

3D Dental Imaging

3D CT Scans and pre-operative planning software are now also available that provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for patients:

  • viewing functionalities of axial, sagital and coronal images as well as cross-sections and panoramic images
  • 3D visualization and simulation of implant placement and bone augmentation procedures
  • a constant tool for clear communication between all members
  • Eliminates Surprises During Surgery by providing accurate and comprehensive information about the patient's anatomy
  • enables flapless surgery whereby no incisions are made in the patient’s mouth

Provides comprehensive, non-distorted data describing your patient's bone quantity and quality.

Innovative Surface for Faster Osseointegration Process

The new Tiunite surfaces enables additional confidence for one day implants, same day implants, immediate loaded implants as well as full mouth/arch implant cases cutting down the healing treatment requirements from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks.

Tiunite Dental Implants by Nobel Biocare has a chemically active and hydrophilic surface that significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing for a faster osseointegration process and higher implant stability.

  • Faster osseointegration
  • Enhanced bone formation processes
  • Higher implant stability during the early critical weeks of osseointegration (removal torque)
  • Substantially increased protein adsorption
Reduction of Treatment Time

Material developments and techniques such as the titanium oxide layer on dental implant surfaces has now allows shorter treatment time. These new surface developments allow:

  • Enhanced Osseo integration for unmatched stability
  • Immediate Function for patients
  • Ideal texture and porosity for bone apposition
  • Enhanced environment for bone formation
  • Soft Tissue integration for healthy connective/epithelial tissue and a natural looking gingival
  • Its structure most similar to human bone thus absorbs blood proteins, aids bone growth

OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set

The OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set from Nobel Biocare is a measurement and drilling device used in dentoalveolar surgery and implant site preparation.

Stress may have an adverse effect on bone-remodeling around implants, on the implants themselves, components and superstructures. With new technological developments in equipment and machinery such as the OsseoCare, the predictability of immediately loading dental implants and safety to patients can be further enhancing.

About light Care Unit

Ideal for curing polymer resin, Pencure, a cordless LED curing light, of J. Morita MFg. Corp. delivers
an optimum wave-length of between 420 and480 mm. Its powerful parallel light beam is directly concentrated on the polymer material. As a result, there is less power loss, even at distance.
Resin is polymerized in 10-20 seconds, bonding material in a mere 10 seconds.

  • Powerful, parallel - light beam
  • Equal power distibution - even at the edges
  • Ultra-bright - blue LED light
  • Precise handling - compact size
  • Confortable - head swiveling
  • Well balanced - very small and light
  • Fast, consistent - polymerization
  • Integrated - time setting display
  • High-performance - lithium-ion battery
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